Saturday, February 15, 2014

Should Christians Fight? Part 2, The Case For

   This is a delicate topic, but one that must be addressed. Things are happening in our land: the Constitution is undermined; there is debate of military strikes upon U.S. citizens suspected of aiding terrorists--no trial, no Miranda rights, just summary execution. This is not sci-fi, or Conspiracy Theory whackoes; this is reality. The days approach when our rights and freedoms will dissappear. "Should we fight?" is a valid question.
   I have previously posted the case AGAINST. Let me state emphatically to my brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as to the NSA, ATF, FBI, CIA, and anyone else monitoring the internet (the BPRD, if there really is one?): I AM ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, UNEQUIVOCALLY, TOTALLY AGAINST VIOLENCE!!!  I have no criminal record, own no weapons; I don't even play Call of Duty. But to give this issue a fair hearing, I must present both sides as I see it in the Scriptures.
   I'm sure no one has objections to killing as a defensive measure;  if your spouse and children were in immediate danger, I'm sure you'd do what you had to in a heartbeat. But what about offensively?
   We all know Ecclesiastes 3:3 tells us there is a time to kill. David, "A man after God's own heart" killed not only the giant, but "tens of thousands" (1 Sam 29:5). Abraham, "the Friend of God", led an assaullt to recover Lot and other hostages from Chedorlaomer. There's Samson, Ehud, Barak, Gideon, Joshua, and many other Bible superstars known for their prowess in battle. Elijah supernaturally immolated 102 men, and physically executed 450 prophets of Baal.
   In modern times, sharpshooter Alvin York , who applied for CO status, struggled with the idea of killing until the Lord showed him "To give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar" includes military service. His exploits on the battlefield are public record. Sam Childers, "The Machine-Gun Preacher" took up arms against evil warlord KONY. I'm not about to judge him; I wasn't there.
I believe that as a RULE, we should NOT fight, but God occasionally raises up deliverers by a Sovereign act of His will. Psalm 149: 6-9 says all believers have the honor of striking down God's enemies, but I take this as meaning in the resurrection at the Battle of Armageddon. While we live, we need to be nice, and turn the other cheek. But after they kill me, they'd better watch out: I'M COMIN' BACK!

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