Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bits & Pieces

   All the citizens and visitors of ancient Athens spent their time  in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear, some new thing, according to St. Luke in Acts 17:21. Well the internet is like my own little Mars Hill right now, so I'm just going to share a few things that have been running around in my brain....

The Antichrist Conspiracy
   Do you believe in conspiracies? Well, King David did, and so did the Apostle Peter! For both these main figures of the Old and New Testaments tell us, The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against His Anointed, saying, "Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us." Sounds like a conspiracy to me! Pretty ambitious one, at that! Yes, this was partly fulfilled in Jesus' arrest and crucifixion; but the kings and rulers of the world still don't want God and the Bible telling them what they can and can't do.
   Aren't conspiracy theorists crazy? Well for a teen-ager with no miltary experience to take on a giant who's been fighting his whole life single-handedly, or for an old fisherman to step out of his boat in the middle of a storm at sea to walk on the water is kinda crazy...MY kinda crazy! 
   See the kings and world rulers got themselves a new plan to overthrow God and Christ with a little help from their "alien" friends. More on them in a minute. But pretty much everything coming at you in the media means to turn you away that old-time religion and into a new paradigm. More on that in a minute, too!
The Truth About UFO's
   Well ol' Hillary Rodham Clinton has vowed that, if elected President, she will reveal the truth about UFO's & aliens. (Can't wait for that!) Now you all know I'm not a political anything, but to me a statement like that only confirms the public's suspicion of a government cover-up. What "truth" will she tell? That it was all swamp gas and secret test planes?
   It wouldn't surprise me one iota if she came out and declared the "truth" History Channel's Ancient Aliens has been pushing that the damn aliens created us and they are our gods. She could give a speech like Aaron and Rehoboam did with the golden calves: These be thy gods, America!  
Know what's weird (other than Hillary telling the truth)? There's a push on by mega-corporations to get everybody indulging in the media like, 24/7. Not long ago, a major wireless carrier was offering to waive its customers' data usage charges as long as they used that data for binge-watching TV shows. Now why would they give up a small fortune like that? What's in it for them?
   A major automaker also announced in its ads, that its new vehicles come with enough wi-fi hotspot power to let seven kids play Plants vs, Zombies at once! Why do they want your kids playing video games in your minivan instead of coloring or singing, or, God forbid, looking out the windows at the scenery? What's in it for them?
   Why are they rewarding us for using the internet??? WHY do they want our every idle moment filled with taking in the media's message? The Bible enjoins us, "Finally my brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely,  whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."  (Philippians 4:8) Then why do I wanna fill my head with a constant barrage of movies, shows, and songs that are just the opposite?
Generation F
   I remember back in the '80's my Dad saying, "Instead of getting smarter, people are getting dumber and dumber!" If he could see us now! Were not this the most ignorant, Biblically illiterate generation America had ever seen, nonsense like the Flat Earth model and the Mandela Effect would go nowhere. No one would fall for such foolishness if they had any foundation in Scripture, geography, and history. Not to mention logic.
   This generation can't tell real news from satire. They can't tell fact from fantasy! Ironic, because with the world wide web, they basically have the sum total of man's knowledge literally at their fingertips! Yet they can't find New York state on a U.S. map!
   There are idiots on YouTube (or, perhaps schills) saying such utter garbage as, "Dinosaurs never existed" "The sun is only 3,000 miles away" "Planets don't exist" and other denials of established facts I wouldn't even say jokingly! And people believe this guff! But then, they also believe Hillary tells the truth. It's scary! Homer Simpson is our leading Prophet! How is that even possible?
   I give this generation an F!

 The world today is in a sad state of affairs. We are hypnotized and programmed to believe and to do whatever we are told.  I am glad I was born  in a time when there was just one TV in the house, and if you missed your show you had to wait until next week. You couldn't take it with you to watch anytime, anywhere. The light of the body is the eye, and if the eye is filled with darkness, how great is that darkness!

   Who wants us all fat, dumb, and happy? And why? Think about it.
'til next time, Peace.

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