Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Flat Out Lie

   "What is Truth?" Pilate sarcastically asked Christ. "Yer lookin' at It!" Jesus might have replied if He thought for a second ol' Pontius really wanted to know.  Well I'll tell you what truth ain't: it's not relative, not subjective, and BTW, it's not new.   There's some stuff blowing around in the Truth Movement that really doesn't belong there. Not everything they say is true!
   Let's pretend there was an ongoing war between the Vampires and the Werewolves. The Vamps are tired of losing battles and unlives, so they come up with this plan, see. They send one of their own, Joe Tooth, to pose as a Werewolf and join their ranks. He looks like a wolf, walks like one, talks like one. But he's a Vampire through & through. Once in with the wolves, he starts talkin' up a storm against the Bats, like he's their biggest opponent. He quickly rises up through the ranks and soon becomes Leader of the Pack. Now that he's in charge, Joe leads and teaches the Werewolves to do stupid things that are bad for them, like swallowing silver bullets. In this way, the Vampires overcome the Werewolves.
   ***This is exactly what the forces of Antichrist have done with the Church.***
   Since Jesus Christ is The Truth, it only follows that the spirit of anti-Christ should also be the spirit of anti-truth. And so, my friends, like our werewolves, the Truthers have been infiltrated with Liars. It only takes a few to get in and start something stupid, then other Truthers pick it up and run with it!
   Case in point: the Flat Earth myth. My Philosophy teacher in college told us, "Lies are like grapes: they come in bunches." meaning after you tell one lie, you have to keep telling others to cover it up. Flat Earthers are like this. Point out we know there really is a South Pole 'cuz people have been there, and they'll take the explorers' words and twist them around. They say planets don't exist, and satellites are a hoax. Yeah, everybody's lying to you except them. 
   I could talk to you about Ptolemy, Copernicus, and Foucault. I could point out it was our old friends the RCC who tried to slience Gallileo and the Heliocentrists, just like they tried to stop Martin Luther and the Reformers from preaching the glorious gospel of salvation by grace through faith! But let me tell you, one thing these liars are counting on and are confident in is that the Bible doesn't say anything, or else says the earth is flat.
    They're hoping either God was stupid enough to leave Himself without a witness, or else we'd be too dumb to find it. Maybe you're like me and know in your heart the Bible's go to say something to prove these jerks wrong. 
   Remember when the LORD put Job in the hotseat and challenged him with all these questions about science & nature? One thing He demanded was what makes day & night?
(Job 38)Job couldn't answer, (and neither can any Flat Earther) because his generation had the wrong model of the universe.
   But more to the point, God speaks through Jeremiah the prophet, "Thus saith the Lord; if heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the Lord."  The Geocentric model puts sun, moon, and stars in a dome above a disc shaped earth. Calculating the size of a finite heaven like that is a piece of cake! (Allegedly the Sun is a mere 3,000 miles away.) And those foundations? Just head down to the Antarctic rim, and climb down over the edge!
    But in the Heliocentric model, the universe is virtually infinite! Astrophysicists' estimates of its size are revised often! And good luck getting down into the core of the earth! Jeremiah 31:37's implied absurdity of measuring the heavens or locating earth's foundation just fits better with the universe we were taught in school.
   Not everyone is lying to us, Church! But some people want us to look stupid and superstitious. For who would believe we have the Truth about spiritual things if we talk nonsense about natural things? I beseech you, please don't jump on this Flat Earth bandwagon as many churches already have. With the pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory, the Sister Act worldly-music-in -the-Sanctuary move, and the LGBT "love is love" morality, haven't we accepted enough lies?