Saturday, February 1, 2014

Building the Local Church -part 7

   As we go through this series, my operating principle is, that when God forms a baby in the womb, He doesn't start with long, curly hair and pretty white teeth, but with vital organs as brain, heart, liver, kidneys, and so on. He's not so concerned with what will make her pretty, but what will keep her alive. Building the church is the same- there are vital structures we need to make sure are in place so that the church can function properly-yes, and eventually grow. Thus far we've stressed the importance of intercessors and evangelists, as well as good Biblical teaching. "What about the worship team?" Oh, I'll get to them. Plenty to say about that: some of it you ain't gonna like!
   Remember, any church is only as strong as the relationships among her members. What good is a congregation of 500 members if no one knows anyone? And so to Pastors, Elders, Council Members, and whoever else makes the decisions in the church, I say, make every effort to foster fellowship. This won't take much time, money, or energy, but will greatly enrich and strengthen your flock.
   Acts chapter 2, verses 42-47 tells us the disciples continued in the apostles' doctrine and, among other things, breaking of bread. There is just something about sharing a meal together that bonds people together in a way nothing else does. It's in our nature. Just as it's important for you and your children to gather around the supper table at home, there is a need for believers to eat together at church! Simple! But effective.
   I recall back in the day my bro's and I would fill this humongous coffee urn with gallons of water and brew a huge pot of coffee each Friday night. (Praise God for K-Cups!) I tell you in all sincerity, one of the best investments you can make is a good coffee pot! Set aside an area of your church for post-service fellowship.
Doesn't the Word say to "greet one another with a holy kiss"? Most assemblies have a greeting time in the service: do it! It costs you nothing...merely five minutes right before you give the announcements, yeah?
   How about pot-luck (or pot-blessing) dinners? Sure, like every quarter. Costs: hardly anything. Gain: huge! FYI, guess who set up the very first Christian Retreat? 'Twas Jesus Himself...see Mark 6:30-32.
1 Peter 4:9 says to show hospitality to one another. Don't overlook this key element in building your church.


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