Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Divine Warning, part 2

   Is anyone listening? We get warnings from the FDA, CDC, FAA,FCC, the AMA, the FBI; isn't it time we harkened to the LJC? The Lord Jesus Christ has issued serious warnings in the Sermon on the Mount, the Olivet Discourse, and the Messages to the 7 Churches, as well as other places. He has forewarned us what the world shall do to us when we obey Him, and what He shall do when we don't!

  • You will be hated.
  • You could be deceived.
  • You may need to evacuate.
  • You will be betrayed.
  • You will be persecuted, slandered, stereotyped, ridiculed.
  • You may have to kill someone! (God forbid. )

  • I will remove your candlestick (church).
  • I will spit you out.
  • I will come on you like a thief.
  • I will kill your children!
  • I will take what you have, and give it to someone more faithful.
   Some of these are very disturbing, and you may be thinking, "Jesus would never say that!" May I remind you, when John sees Christ at the opening of Revelation, He's armed with a sword, and has fire in His eyes: He doesn't show up in a white sports coat and a pink carnation! He's not picking us up to drive us to a party!!! We will be looking at each warning in more detail, and I'll give you the Scripture references to meditate upon.
   We hear so many alarms from so many sources, we can grow numb to them; but it's crucial we hear what the Lord Himself has warned us about. You don't want to take HIM lightly! He doesn't speak just to hear Himself talk! When Jesus speaks, it's what you need to hear!
Fight the Good Fight. Peace.

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