Monday, January 20, 2014

Building the Local Church -Part 2

    We're talking about building the small church, not just growing it. What good is it to have a hundred members if all they do is sit on the pews week by week? I'd rather have a couple dozen out there  shaking the gates of hell, making the devil's life miserable(r)! Remember, Paul started the church at Ephesus with just twelve guys , meeting day in & day out for two whole years before the big Revival broke out! I'm not just talking about building attendance here....if all you want is to one-up the other brothers at your monthly Pastor's meetings, check your heart, Bro, cuz God is under no obligation to cater to your vanity and pride.
BUT, if you want to reach the lost, change lives, heal homes, and bless your community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I guarantee the Father will commit all the resources of Heaven to back you, and the Holy Spirit and His angels will bring in everything you need to fulfill your call and vision! And may I add : )

   (yes, that's a smiley face.)
   So-! To build your church, what's the first thing you need? "Air conditioning!" "Comfortable chairs!"
"A pipe organ" "Someone who can do multi-media power points!" Yeah, that's all cool, but, NO. If you have just five guys in your congregation, do you need to set up your Men's Group right now? Nah, just get together informally. If you have only three singles in your church, and two of them  got engaged, is there a great need for a Singles' Ministry? "Duh, Matt"
   Look, when a fetus is developing in the womb, does God start with six-pack abs? Of course not: He builds up from a brain and spinal chord, a tiny heart, a basic skeleton, and so on! So it is with a baby church.
Certain stuff has to be there, and you build on it. Paul had that core group of twelve brothers and their families he built the whole church of Ephesus on...'cause he was "a wise master-builder".
So... vamanos!

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