Saturday, January 11, 2014

About Myself...

   So who am I? Let me begin with who I'm not; Never attended any Bible School, I'm not affiliated with any denomination; I'm not a "Bible Prophecy Expert"; I don't read Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic. (I'm fairly comfortable with English.) I'm just a regular guy who wants to share what's in his heart. I gave my life to the LORD in 1976, was Baptized in the Spirit in '84, enjoyed the Revival we had here in CT in the late 80's
(gotta luv those 80's), and was discipled and trained with various ministries.I was involved in leadership of several local churches.  I ran my own public access program for about 5 years.
     Now I won't here identify my Pastors and Churches by name; not that I don't appreciate what they gave me or give credit where it's due,
but rather, in case I say something stupid, I don't want to reflect negatively on them. So as to spare them any embarrassment, I won't identify myself as their disciple. Suffice to say, any opinions I promote here are my own, and don't originate with any of my old teachers. So don't blame them! 
    I don't do controversy for the sake of being controversial, but if something bugs me, I'm going to speak out. I don't jump on bandwagons, I'm not a hate ministry, I don't scratch itching ears, I don't candy-coat issues, I don't sensationalize them either. And that's what you need to know about me, and this blog.

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