Sunday, October 5, 2014

Right Ahead part 6

We are looking at the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory, and comparing what everyone tells you with what the Bible actually says. Some of you say, "You've made your point, we get it; why are you beating a dead horse?" First, the horse ain't dead as millions of Christians still believe this doctrine. Second, I want to address this from as many angles as possible so as to leave no doubt. I told you last time we would look next at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, a related topic that will also give us some clear direction.
   I'm going to do things a little different this time. Before I throw in my two cents, I want you to get some background info. Here's your homework: read the following passages in your Bible~

  • Revelation 19
  • Ezekiel 39
  • Psalms 45
  • Ephesians 5
  • Hebrews  1
   Without any further commentary from me (cuz I don't want to pre-color your thinking), just read what you see on the page with your own two eyes. Read aloud, take notes, highlight verses, however you study! I like to read several different translations. Meditate on these passages, pray, ask the Lord what they mean! I think you'll get it before I tell you what I see.
   What I wanna say is, don't let those guys on TV razzle-dazzle you with their fast talk. These self-proclaimed "Bible Prophecy Experts" want you to think they've got some insider information. Listen, they have the same Bible you & I have, and we can read it same as they can. You don't have to know Hebrew, Greek, or Latin: just English. "After" means after, "first" means first, "last" means last, and "then" means then.
Studying archeology, or Nostradamus, or making trips to the Holy Land, doesn't give you an edge on truth.
And it doesn't give you the right to break accepted laws of hermenuetics.
   So: when we come back---the Marriage Supper of the Lamb: what is it? where is it? when is it? 'Til then, grace & peace, and thanks for stopping by.

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