Saturday, March 15, 2014

Praise & Worship in the Church

We'd been talking about building the local church, and I discussed several offices and ministries that need to be in place for the church to be healthy, strong, and growing. You may wonder why I didn't start with the music team? They're important aren't they? Well, on many church bulletins, you'll see the worship team leader's name listed right after the Pastor's. Usually, the first thing you see & hear upon entering is the band; they literally take center stage! So, why didn't I list them first? 
   My premise is, we're going to build the church the same way God forms a baby in the womb: He begins with the vital organs and works His way outward. So I ask you, in which trimester does God put the breasts on this little girl? "Um, when she's a teenager?" NOW you get it! The part everyone notices, that part that gets all the attention, He leaves until LAST---His finishing touch on this young lady! The kidneys, liver, heart, lungs: they're all ugly and gross, but you can't live without them! Those breasts might look pretty, but that's basically all they do-until another life begins. Scripture tells us the same thing. And so I've left the music team for last. I'm not saying they're not important, but other ministries that don't get noticed are more important.
   Prove it? Consider this: in the New Testament there is no such position or title as "Worship Leader"!
Check your concordance; you won't find it. But every church in America has a worship leader. Why? Americans love music! We practically deify it; that's why we have a show called American Idol. My church back in the day had a killer music team: they cranked out some awesome music! One service, the Pastor gave a prophecy:  the Lord said, "Don't worship the worship." Wow! We were lovin' the music so much it was becoming an idol!
   Jesus said, "The hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth."  It is so easy to get into the flesh because music and singing and dancing and clapping, pleases our flesh and our souls as well as our spirits! This is where it gets tricky. This is why who we appoint as music leader is so important. More on that next time. Peace, grace, and thanks for stopping by!

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