Monday, October 26, 2015

End the Foolishness!

   I never thought I'd have to say this, but, THE EARTH IS ROUND! There are those in the Church who are actually preaching such abject foolishness as a flat earth and a geo-centric universe. I have been a Christian for forty years now, a member of at least four churches, and at no time have I ever believed, taught or been taught the earth was flat, or the center of the solar system.
   There is absolutely nothing in the Bible that conflicts with what we know about our planet's shape and orbit! And anyone saying anything different needs to shut up! I won't even say, "And wise up", because nobody could really be that stupid. Let me make myself perfectly clear where I, and every church I've ever been part of stands: Copernicus was right, and Columbus was right! The earth is a sphere that revolves around the sun. Period!
   Why must I take the time to affirm what everyone knows naturally, rather than preaching the love and power of our risen Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ? There are those among us who clearly wish to destroy whatever shred of credibility the Church might have left in this world! I cannot and will not believe that any born-again, Spirit-filled child of God would proclaim such outright folly that neither his fathers, nor his fathers' fathers believed.
   But we are living in the days when false Christians and false ministers have infiltrated the Church, bringing in damnable heresies, compromise, false doctrine, false worship, worldliness, and now downright stupidity to the Body of Christ. "They went out from us, but were not of us" the Apostle John wrote. These are the seed of the Wicked One, come to destroy the Church from within.
   How can we possibly have a discussion with the unbelievers about creation and evolution, the beginning of life, or any other important subject when we're seen as ignorant, narrow-minded buffoons?  To all my non-Christian friends and acquaintances, I want you to know, I do not stand with teachers or churches proclaiming a flat earth! They are imposters whose purpose is to discredit us! (Just like these clowns who predict the end of the world every six months.)
 To all my Christian brothers & sisters: don't tolerate such teaching. End the foolishness!


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